Payroll-free mortgage loans


People without payroll are in trouble when they borrow money. Obviously, nobody wants to lend at the risk of not knowing if they are going to see the capital back. Fortunately, there are other means to obtain liquidity even if income cannot be justified, mortgage loans without payroll, if you are unemployed or unemployed, or even have a low salary. Whoever has an unsatisfactory payroll or even lacks it, can obtain cash in another way.

How Much to Get With Payroll Home Loans

How Much to Get With Payroll Home Loans

The client who needs money now, only has to have one thing: a fully paid home, either in his name or that of a third party in his circle. “With the handwriting -which works as a guarantee of payment- you can become a creditor of the mortgage loans without payroll for a minimum capital of 6,000 USD, to be paid in accessible installments of 1 to 15 years, with interest for default of 0, 25% ”. The refinancing service can be requested from the second year. The maximum amount available will be the equivalent of 20% of the value of the property or up to a maximum of 150,000 USD.

We are referring to mortgage loans without payroll. They were created with the aim of providing liquidity to those who, when going to the bank, have received a refusal. For this same reason, they can be requested by individuals in delinquent records, with RAI or Financial Credit Institution, unemployed, and without the need to present guarantees or payrolls.

One of the advantages of this system is that it is managed in a few days. Non-payroll mortgage loans are online, they are requested by filling out a form and then, once approved, they are made effective with the signing of a contract. It is not necessary to go to any particular headquarters, because the company ensures that the process is done at a notary’s office in the client’s city of residence.

What is the limit of mortgage loans

What is the limit of mortgage loans

On the other hand, investors have no capital limit, since it is only limited by the value of the home. The money is deposited – in less than a week of being requested – in the bank account that the client uses for all its operations. This financial service can be requested and acquired anywhere in the national territory.

Keep in mind that the APRs for non-payroll mortgage loans are established according to the client’s case. However, beyond cost, the key is that it is an expeditious, effective and absolutely confidential solution for when debts are tight.

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